What the shit happened to that CBI Tournament for teams that couldn't even hack the NIT? We're glad you asked.

Tonight - sandwiched between the NIT Final and the Final Four - comes the decisive Game 3 (that's right, Game 3) of the CBI Finals between Bradley and Tulsa. Look at how excited the Braves were about winning Game 2 to force the rubber match!

(OK, we may or may not have taken that photo completely out of context... from a different year altogether)

This is just ludicrous on so many levels I don't even know where to start: A Game 3 to decide the 98th best team in the country?!

Seriously folks, where are we at in society today?


Anonymous said...

UVA was the #1 seed? I'm done..., although I do have the urge to gamble...

El Dude said...

I'm in a CBI pool. If the Braves win tonight, I win 16 bucks on a $2 bet.

UMass Student said...

You're a loser! Bet you don't get laid this year 10 to 1, you want in?