We know: We come off as major buzzkills.

But the excitement over the CBI just continues to blow our minds. From Tulsa's Official Athletics Web Site:

One by one, Tulsa's players climbed a ladder to cut down their own portion of the nets.

Remnants of a sellout crowd chanted "T-U! T-U!" and cheered with each snip of the nets as the Golden Hurricane celebrated a 70-64 win over Bradley on Friday night and the first ever championship of the College Basketball Invitational....

Third-year Tulsa coach Doug Wojcik pumped his fist repeatedly and mouthed "Thank you" during his time atop the ladder, the culmination of a groundswell of support created by his team's participation in the CBI.

"The energy in the building, the fans, the excitement, the enthusiasm, that's why you do what you do as a coach," Wojcik said. "This is a special moment in my life and hopefully a lot of people's lives in this building tonight that they'll never forget."

Get a grip on reality people! Next year, we demand that security surrounds the nets like goalposts at a college football game and forbids teams from cutting down the nets. Or carrying players off the court. Or any celebration of any sort.

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UMass Student said...

The T-U team sucks, so does UCLA! Go Memphis. Screw you California queers!