Pistons 2, 76ers 2.

Celtics 2, Hawks 2.

If you read the papers or the internet after the Pistons dropped two games to the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs you would have thought that they were finished. Done. Kaput. Written off by every member of the mainstream media and even the world of bloggers.

All we heard about was how we were tired of watching them flip the switch. Tired of 'Sheed's out bursts. Tired of Flip Saunders having no control of the team (oh and Chris Webber can eat a fat one - calling out Flip just because you're pissed that the Pistons didn't bring you back this year was a weak move). Tired of Chauncey giving the other team no respect. Tired of the Pistons not trying.

Well, I'd rather not try and lose two games then try and lose two games...

...And that's a great lead-in for my discussion about the Celtics.

How pathetic do you have to be actually try two games in a row and lose both those games to a vastly inferior opponent?? Like I said, not trying and losing is way better than trying and losing. I mean, if you don't try and lose, the players don't have anything to feel bad about. It's only the fans that get pissed off. If you try and you still lose then the players start questioning yourself. They start wondering whether they are actually good enough. And if there's one thing we know about the Pistons it's that they've never had a problem with self-confidence (note: I don't care about what happened in the playoffs last year - that never happened).

After all the talk about who from the Big 3 would step up when the game was on the line - we got our answer: All three of them. And by all three of them I mean Joe Johnson, Al Horford, and Josh Smith.

But I'm guessing that the rest of the media world won't have the guts to say anything bad about the Celtics. They'll call this a minor roadblock or maybe a learning experience for a team learning to trust each other in the post-season for the first time.

I'm not afraid to say the truth: The Celtics aren't that good.

Actually, I'll let 'Sheed say it: "We've took them all down, ever since I've been here. First Jersey was the team to beat, then Indiana, then Cleveland and Miami. Now Boston - it's just another notch on the belt."

(Oh, and we have Ricky Davis in a Celtics uniform on our site banner because he stands against everything that your precious Celtics stand for.)