In a story bound to span the blogosphere, Penn State basketball player Stanley Pringle got busted masturbating in the university library while trying to strike up a conversation. Real smooth. And it appears we have a serial whacker on our hands, as a similar incident took place several weeks back.

The jokes are rolling in like crazy. Here's a sampling of the best... and the worst.

Feel free to add your own:

- "Say HELLO to my lil fren'!!!!"

- Where's Carl Monday when you need him?!

- It's the first shot he got off all year (buh dum bum, ching!).

- He was just working on his shooting stroke.

- "You like poetry? Maybe you can straighten out my longfellow..."

- It was only a matter of time until the Larry Harrison copycat struck.

- "Baby, did you see the way I penetrated this year?"

- "My name's Hugh. Hugh G. Rection."

- Once you pop, you can't stop.

- "I was just doin' like coach said and practicin' my ball skillz!"