Your head ready to explode from all the mock drafts going on right now? Hang in there cuz the long-awaited Part III of The Realests' mock draft is here.

Note: If you missed the first two installments, Part I and Part II are a click away.

After a year of scouting these prospects and working the phones with scouts and GMs of every NFL team, we're spent. And tired of every random schmuck he puts up his own mock.

Now we know how Mel Kiper feels.


21. Cincinnati (via trade): LB Josh Johnson (Marshall)
Reminds Us of a Young: Steve Foley
Skinny: Dan Snyder sacks up and combines his 2008 and '09 first round picks with $100 million in straight cash, homey. With the reinstatement of Odell Thurman, the new Johnson fits right in with the Gangles. He was suspended for the year after attacking his girlfriend, then decided to go pro early off a 3-9 team. Not enough baggage? Just a month ago he got busted for a DUI.

22. Dallas: WR Selwyn Lymon (Purdue)
Reminds Us of a Young: Michael Irvin
Skinny: Another guy that pulled the "You can't throw me off the team, I'm already headed to da league, bitch!" routine. Lymon got the boot for a DUI after the regular season finale after catching 40 balls all year. That came months after getting stabbed during a bar fight. Let's see who messes with Lymon's shit when he rolls to a bar with Tank Johnson and the Pacman, shall we?

23. Pittsburgh: LB Bo Ruud (Nebraska)
Reminds Us of a Young: Zach Thomas
Skinny: With a name like that, he was born to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haters say he's too small and too slow for the pros. Call us old school, but we stick with what a guy's done on the football field; Ruud was the leader of the famed Black Shirts Defense that gave up 172 points over its final three games.

24. Tennessee: CB Ambrose Wooden (Notre Dame)
Reminds Us of a Young: Tom Carter
Skinny: This Goodie Two Shoes from Notre Dame is everything Pacman Jones is not (i.e. a good football player) A good person that's bad at football. In his time with the domers, Wooden ended up in a lot of photos like this. But give him a break. Under the guidance of Charlie Weis, he's basically been out of organized football for three years.

25. Seattle: RB Charlie Jones (Miami, FL)
Reminds Us of a Young: Frank Gore
Skinny: With Shaun Alexander gone, the Seahawks need to fill the void of diving into a pile and falling down after a yard. We wouldn't exactly call Jones' first step explosive. In fact, Jones barely has a first step at all after all the injuries he's had. You think Shaun Alexander is worn down? Jones has the body of Earl Campbell right now.

26. Jacksonville: WR Brent Schaeffer (Ole Miss)
Reminds Us of a Young: Brad Smith
Skinny: The Jags desperately need weapons for David Garrard to open up holes in the running game. If you recall, the Jags took an SEC quarterback-turned-wide receiver in the 2005 draft and that worked out pretty well, thank you very much (24 catches last year!).

27. San Diego: RB Lynell Hamilton (San Diego State)
Reminds Us of a Young: Marshall Faulk
Skinny: Needing a replacement for supersub Michael Turner, Lyneezy doesn't even have to move stadiums. After putting up huge numbers his sophomore year, Hamilton's college career was ruined by injuries. Check out these stats his senior year: 2 carries, 1 yard. Hey, at least he tried to play hurt unlike someone we know ...

28. Dallas: WR Taj Smith (Syracuse)
Reminds Us of a Young: Rocket Ismail
Skinny: T.O. gets not one, but two more inadequate receivers to play alongside. From the same school that brought you Marvin Harrison, comes this burner who caught just 44 balls and dropped probably another dozen. There should be a rule against guys coming out early off a 2-10 team. But then again, he's 24 and been in school 5 years, so maybe it was time.

29. San Francisco: WR Mark Bradford (Stanford)
Reminds Us of a Young: Jerry Rice
Skinny: Oh, those crazy 49ers! Throw out the measurements and the 40 times - did you see that catch vs. USC? (we'll never get over the "Touchdown USC!!!" call.) And what do you know? His childhood idol just happens to be No. 80. A real storybook ending here - at least until he's out of the league in three years.

30. Green Bay: LB J Leman (Illinois)
Reminds Us of a Young: Clay Matthews
Skinny: If the people of Green Bay love caveman A.J. Hawk, wait 'til they get a load of J Leman. Seriously, how much white trash can you handle at linebacker?

31. New York Giants: S Ryan Mundy (WVU)
Reminds Us of a Young: Charles Drake
Skinny: Mundy steps right into a long line of bad Giants safeties. Gee, this worked out pretty well for the champion chaser, didn't it? Leaves Michigan after a disappointing career, wins a Fiesta Bowl at West Virginia and then gets picked by the Super Bowl champs in the first round! Ernest Shazor, eat your heart out.

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