I'll preface this by saying I picked Kansas to win it all. So I wasn't exactly a neutral observer.

But it's time to call out Tyler "Pyscho T" Hansbrough.

On offense, he's just incredible. Even on an off night, he still had 17 points and displayed his amazing ability to hit shots after contact (seriously, how does he make those?).

But defensively, the guy got worked. And when Psycho T got desperate, he turned into a flopoholic. Floppy T picked up like 5 charges in the first half to put the whole Kansas team in foul trouble. Finally the refs recognized Hansbrough looked like a fish out of water and either called blocks or let the play go.

Trying to pick up a charge on 5-11 Sherron Collins at the 3-point line, then rolling your eyes at the foul call? Come on Psycho T, you're better than that.

On the bright side for UNC fans, hopefully Hansbrough realized this was a preview of the NBA and decides to come back for his senior year.

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