A couple observations that will otherwise go unmentioned among the mainstream media:

- Jim Nantz, you're killing me. How predictable was "Rock Chalk Championship" (very similar to his "Simon Says Championship" call of 11 years ago by the way)? And he's just getting warmed up for The Masters. Can't you just picture him somewhere playing the theme song on a piano in his home right now? I'm going to gag Sunday when he starts off the show with the traditional, "Hello friends..."

- It's time for the Roy Williams Conspiracy! The V-Man - who picked UNC to take the cake - was none too pleased to watch Roy Boy cheering on Kansas and referring to them as "we" throughout the halftime show. I guess it didn't necessarily look bad, but it was tacky.

- It's a shame people now won't remember the Derrick Rose bank shot as the shot clock expired. That was definitely one of the most ridiculous shots I've ever seen in the tournament. Two years ago, this kid wasn't even that heavily recruited and now he looks like another Chris Paul. Pat Riley is still cleaning up the mess in his pants.

- Joey Dorsey is dumber than rocks.

- It's only April and I don't see anyone passing Mario Chalmers for Realest of the Year. Mario, I am eternally indebted to you.

- Classic John Calipari at the end of the game. Just when you think he's classy by taking all the blame from his kids for the loss, he starts bitching about the officiating at the end. How can you object to using replay when they got the phantom 3-pointer call correct? If they had blown that, this game would have been tarnished forever. Yeah, that would have been great for college hoops. And Rose didn't come CLOSE to fouling Sherron Collins. Take your loss like a man especially since you've been rubbing it in everyone's face the last two weeks that your team hits free throws when they count.

- We'll never know two things since Memphis choked. Would Worldwide Wes have celebrated with the Tigers on the court (like he did with the Canes in 2001) and would John Chaney have come out of nowhere to pull this during Cal's victory press conference:

We can still dream.

- Quote of the night (loosley transcribed):

Nantz: What were thinking when you spoke to them in the locker room before the game?
Self: I was just trying to sound good since I knew I was on TV.

Finally someone said it! Jim Larranagga, you should be ashamed - again.

- I won my tournament pool. This is all I have to say about that.

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umass S said...

What a blowjob of a finish. I felt it happening the whole time. Even before the game started, I thought "are they too cocky?"
Never pick the team everyone on 'First and 10' picks. Losers.