We're not going to go Wilbon on you and talk about how the NFL Draft is the most overrated event in sports. (Actually, we really enjoy it.)

But stop with the mock drafts already. You can't drop 8 versions on us and just keep flip-flopping Jake Long and Chris Long for the No. 1 pick. It's ridiculous. And insulting.

So we decided to mix it up a little with a mock draft you've certainly not seen before:

1. Miami: QB Brady Leaf (Oregon)
Reminds Us of a Young: Ryan Leaf
Skinny: The Fish won't make the same mistake as Indy and pass on one of the Leaf brothers. Brady was a human pinata while filling in for an injured Dennis Dixon last year. Like Eli, the question will always be asked if Brady can live up to his brother: One-completion games, screaming at reporters in the locker room, going after fans at training camp; the bar has been set high.

2. St. Louis: QB Anthony Morelli (Penn State)
Reminds Us of a Young: Jim Kelly
Skinny: The next in the long line of great Western PA quarterbacks. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, folks, and teams are worried about his reported 5 on the Wonderlic Test. But he's got the all the physical tools to be a franchise quarterback and he can make all the throws (and by "all the throws" we mean "none of the throws").

3. Atlanta: QB Xavier Lee (Florida State)
Reminds Us of a Young: Michael Vick
Skinny: Slap on a #7 jersey and you won't even tell the difference! OK, so he couldn't beat out Drew Weatherford in college. We seem to recall a guy named Brady that everyone bagged on in college. "Xavier the Savior" was a high school legend and he'll fill in nicely until Vick gets out of the slammer. Great value at the #3 spot.

4. Oakland: WR Maurice Purify (Nebraska)
Reminds Us of a Young: Chris Henry
Who needs Randy Moss when you've got the combo of Walker & Purify? The rap sheet includes assault, resisting arrest, trespassing and drunken driving: Al Davis likes him already.

5. Kansas City: QB Kyle Wright (Miami, FL)
Reminds Us of a Young: Craig Erickson
Skinny: This is starting to shape up like the QB class of 1983! Wright was one of those special players that got worse every year, finishing out '07 with more picks (14) than TDs (12). Hey, that's still good enough to beat out Brody Croyle...

6. New York Jets: S Tom Zbikowski (Notre Dame)
Reminds Us of a Young: Reed Doughty
Skinny: It's the Jets, people. Would anyone really be surprised if they messed up this badly? Zibby's a high motor player that really elevated his stock by sticking around for his senior year. And just think of the fights at MSG. Expect a full-scale riot at Radio City if his name is called.

7. New England: RB Darren McFadden (Arkansas)
Reminds Us of a Young: Walter Payton
Skinny: First the Randy Moss trade, then the easiest schedule, now this? Dumb-founded by their luck again, Scott Pioli nabs McFadden and the Pats score 1,000 points in 2008.

8. Baltimore: S Jamar Adams (Michigan)
Reminds Us of a Young: Cato June
Skinny: In the exact same boat as June coming out of college: Highly regarded prep player that never lived up to his billing. Solution? Throw him at linebacker and pump him up with steroids. Poof, you've got the next Ray Lewis. A very high upside pick.

9. Cincinnati: WR De'Cody Fagg (Florida State)
Reminds Us of a Young: Ashlie Lelee
Skinny: The Chad Johnson Era officially comes to a close and he immediately calls Brian Kenny repeatedly screaming "I lost my job to a Fagg?!!??!" on air.

10. New Orleans: RB Alley Broussard (Missouri Southern State)
Reminds Us of a Young: Jamal Lewis
Skinny: This former LSU Tiger is a bit of a reach here, but it's too perfect a fit. A team that refuses to play defense and the hometown boy. His knees have been busted for 3 seasons which makes him a perfect 1-2 punch with Deuce McAllister. Both should be on IR by Week 5. Get those umbrellas out!

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Darrell said...

There had better be a part two to this.

Christian said...

Umm yeah...I'm a Bills fan, and I'd like to know who they're REALLY going to pick in the 11 spot. Great mock!!!