OK, this is a blatant rip-off of the SportsCenter segment but we couldn't think of anything catchier... SO BACK OFF!

People are jumping like crazy to the NBA. We took the liberty of telling them whether or not they made good decisions:

O.J. Mayo (Fr., USC)
Bad Call
: Granted, his game developed so much over his freshman year. But here's the thing about Mayo: As a 7th-grader, he was billed as the next LeBron James. Problem is, he's that guy from your hometown that hit puberty in middle school and never grew anymore. Instead of the next LBJ, Mayo is just an undersized shooting guard (listed at 6-4, more like 6-2) with decent ball skills and range.

Jerryd Bayless (Fr., Arizona)
Good Call: A Derrick Rose-type talent with a bit less size and much less surrounding talent in college.

Ryan Anderson (So., Cal)
Bad Call
: A 6-10 whitey with range but no post-up game, he led the Pac-10 in scoring. People are telling him he's the next Dirk Nowitzki. More like the next Kevin Pittsnogle.

Derrick Caracter (So., Louisville)
Bad Call
: This dump truck for the Cardinals didn't even start for the 'Ville and is a suspension waiting to happen. With the entire frontcourt departing, D.C. could have shined next year.

Earl Clark (So., Louisville)
Good Call
: Did you see him swatting shot after shot into the third row against UNC? This guy is the hybrid G/F that GMs love. He's a lottery pick in our mind.

Marreese Speights (So., Florida)
Bad Call
: A poor man's Joey Dorsey, he commits dumb fouls and keels over after 5 minutes on the court.

Anthony Randolph (Fr., LSU)
Good Call
: Get out of Baton Rouge while you can! Randolph is so raw he's basically a high school player. But with that wingspan and vertical, he'll be a top 10 pick.

Kevin Love (Fr., UCLA)
Bad Call
: SI's David DuPree said he'd pick Love No. 1 overall. David DuPree is also on crack. Love was exposed by Memphis (see below) as an undersized big man (no way he is 6-10) that isn't suited for a transition game. As Michael Wilbon said, where's that full-court shot going to get him in the NBA? And did no one learn anything from Sean May? Expect him to have a Mehmet Okur-type career. It's a shame he won't stick around and become the next great Big Man at UCLA.

Ronald Steele (Jr., Alabama)
Worst Call Ever
: Where to start on this one? He missed the entire season after arthroscopic surgery on both knees and was seriously limited two years ago with the same injury. One of the all-time bonehead moves to leave early with Matt Walsh and Marcus Taylor.

Chase Budinger (So., Arizona)
Bad Call
: Way, way overhyped coming out of high school, plays 0 defense and didn't even emerge with Jerryd Bayless running the point.

Donte Green (Fr., Syracuse)
Good Call
: An absolute monster, couldn't handle the idea of being on the NCAA bubble for the next 340 days.

Trent Plaisted (Jr., BYU)
Bad Call
: Who?! No seriously, the last two big men to come out of BYU are Rafael Araujo and Shawn Bradley (left). Take a hint.

Eric Gordon (Fr., IU)
Good Call
: Indiana's a mess, he's a lock for the top 5. What's left to ponder?

Darren Collison (Jr., UCLA)
Bad Call
: Um, did anyone see the Memphis game?

Javale McGee (So., Nevada)
Good Call:
Surprised? The guy can only dunk and block shots, but then again, that's all Shawne "Cheech" Williams could do. Worked out pretty well for him.

DeAndre Jordan (Fr., A&M)
Bad Call
: A lottery pick on potential alone, he was a massive disappointment last year. Averaged just 8 & 6 and seemd to get worse as the year went on. Then again, maybe it's a good call....

Joe Alexander (Jr., West Virginia)
Bad Call
: A nobody two months ago, appears to think one big March is enough to be a first round pick. Not when you're a 6-8 whitey. Keep working on your Mandarin because you might be back in China shortly.

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