Shawn Crable is like the Six Flags of the NFL Draft: Just when you think he's hit rock bottom, his stock plummets again.

After hearing his name as a possible mid-1st round selection during the football season, we realized Crable is not even mentioned in mock drafts anymore.

So where exactly do the pundits have him going now?

Well, according to Scouts Inc., Crable will be taken 141st overall. What in the name of Alan Branch is going on here? Even worse, he's the 11th ranked OLB right ahead a bunch of schmos named Gary Guyton, Alvin Bowen, Robert James, and "Better Than" Ezra Butler.

OK, so the guy has a tendency for cheap shots, can't be trusted on special teams and generally doesn't have a clue what's going on most of the time.

But Crable is hands down the most intimidating player I've seen up close other than Sean Taylor.

And the last time we checked, there aren't too many 6-5 freakshow linebackers that run 4.5 40s, jump over entire offensive lines and eat pieces of shit like Brady Quinn for breakfast. Give this man a chance!


Joe said...

Great pic by the Pats. That's why their the best.

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