Thanks to the anonymous reader that gave us this heads up on Channing Frye's latest blog entry:

On the subject of my brother, I have mixed emotions because here I thought that he would see that the University of Arizona is the greatest college in the history of colleges and go there — that he would continue the legacy.

But this lone wolf has to be different and he took his fat head to Michigan – the cold, terrible, frozen tundra of Michcigan. On the other hand, he is a nerd to a brainiac so I guess it’s sort of a good school for that. Not the best school ever like UofA, but maybe it comes in a close 45th because UofA takes up the top 44 places as the best school ever.

We've always hated Channing Frye. We chanted "Frye's a douche bag" in an NIT game against Michigan a couple years back for him being soft and gutless.

But between not spelling Michigan correctly and establishing Arizona's dominance by ranking them 1-44 in college rankings, it leaves us to wonder: is he a frat dick - the lowest known form of intelligence below even dumb jocks?

Does he:

- Wear shirts that say "Sigma Chi Construction: Screw, Nut, Bolt"?
- Degrade other guys sexually and then call them the homo?
- Talk about how many hos he has in different area codes?
- Wear crooked visors with his gelled pubes bursting out the sides?
- Work the door at Blazer parties and ask Greg Oden if he's on the list?

You know what, we're starting to like this guy...

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Tom Campion said...

A Fall 2002 rush t-shirt read "SAE Construction: We Screw, We Nut, We Bolt." I remember walking into the first day of a discussion section for Psych 280 in the basement of the MLB, and there was a blonde girl from Tri-Delt (whose name I will not include) wearing it, and I couldn't believe what was going on. Did Sigma Chi have a similar shirt?