We don't want to sound like Terrelle Pryor psychos, but if he ends up at Memphis, John Calipari should be put behind bars. 

Yesterday The Freep reported T.P. visited the other UM this weekend, where he most definitely took in Saturday's demolition of UAB. 

Yeah, we know Pryor wants to be a two-sport star, but Memphis? The No. 1 recruit in the country going to a 7-6 program from C-USA would be the most absurd "get" in the history of recruiting, annihilating The Fab Five, Western U's Neon Bordeaux-Butch McRae-Ricky Roe scandal, Tommy Amaker's "top 25 class" at Harvard and Arrelious Benn going to Illinois.

If Calipari read Pryor's Michigan itinerary, who knows what he had planned: Probably something involving a nine-iron, a buffalo head (preferably stuffed) and a bucket of ice.

As for Tommy West, he was probably just shitting his pants the whole time.

Hey NCAA: At what point do you start looking into a program for cheating? At UMass, Calipari piled up NCAA sanctions left and right, and was even accused of knowing Marcus Camby banged a prostitute.

Now at Memphis, the guy has befriended Worldwide Wes and recruited the likes of Amare Stoudemire, Kendrick Perkins, Dajuan Wagner, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Darius Washington and most recently Derrick Rose.

But instead of hearing how this guy is dirtier than Tark the Shark, we get pieces praising him as a genius for instilling the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Uh, put down that stupid book and do something Myles!

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Anonymous said...

Calipari behind bars? Why? Pryor wants to play both basketball and football. Cal has said no problem. That got Pryor's interest. What's wrong with that?