You remember Pete Gillen, don't you? (He's the guy on the right.)

He was the next big thing in coaching after leading Providence to the 1997 Elite Eight with God Shammgod only to end up getting run out of Charlottesville after 8 very mediocre seasons at UVA. He got the axe in 2005 and is now working for "CBS College Sports." If you've seen him on TV, you know he's (uh, how to put this delicately?...) bad.

Well, this is how he starts his Sweet 16 preview in today's New York Post:

"WELL, even though Georgetown is gone, three of my Final Four teams are alive - which is unusual. I've had a bad decade - I got fired, no friends, no money, no clothes."

Woah, take it easy big guy! Self-deprecating humor is great when you're Conan O'Brien, but it's different when you're Pete Gillen. I mean, he's actually had a terrible decade and we really wonder if he has no friends, money or clothes...

Hang in there, coach!


Oops Pow Surprise said...

you'd be pissed too if you had to work small conference games with that wiener kid from lord of the rings

Gillen is Great said...

Pete is actually a really good dude. I have had conversations with him several times and he is loving life. Just because you aren't coaching basketball doesn't mean that your life sucks. He got a nice buy-out and still gets to be involved in what he loves, but with out all the stress of wondering what your idiot power forward is going to do to get into trouble this weekend, and why your point guard just failed statistics for the 3rd time.

When its all said and done, sports are just stupid human tricks and I am happy that Pete landed on his feet. That's more then you can say about some coaches.

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Bookmaker Hold Percentage said...

hahaha and yeah he does hate his life, but let's be honest, nowadays with all the problems and difficult economic situations, who does love his life really??