Northwestern State in 2006 and San Diego in 2008? That's 2 for 2 on Super Sleepers for those keeping score at home.

First, hats off to all the kids on San Diego for playing the game of their lives, especially "The Gynecologist" - Gyno Pomare.

I bet you're wondering how we do it... what, you mean aside from seeing the future?

Just a heads up to gambling types out there: We will be charging $5 million for our Super Sleeper pick next year.

In the meantime, we are both quitting our jobs to enter the Tarot Card business while we build a gambling empire like Biff in Back to the Future II.


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costanza said...

i think we have a nomination for fakest of the week. unreal is calling the upset but not having the balls to put it on your bracket and then wanting credit. wipe the sand out of your vaginas

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well to tell you the truth dear blogger, it was not a surprise to me at all because that team had been playing very well