The Terrelle Pryor fallout has begun.

A day after the top high school quarterback in the country signed with Ohio State, Team Blue supervisor Mary Passink has reportedly let go Cindy and Mindy, better known as "The Twins."

The two most recently gave Pryor a private tour of South Quad on his visit to Ann Arbor.

When contacted, AD Bill Martin insisted both had resigned.

But coach Rich Rodriguez directly contradicted that, stating: "We told everyone on Team Blue at our first meeting: If you can't get the job done, we'll find sluts that can."

The duo signed up for Team Blue as freshmen in 1994 and were best known for landing Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson. They also played a crucial role in the recruiting of Brian Griese, David Terrell, Larry Foote, Charles Drake, Chris Perry and Kelly Baraka.

The Twins, which turn 32 in May, reportedly fell out of favor in the athletic department after new strength and conditioning coach Mike Barvis called the two fat. The two were devastated upon hearing the news of their dismissal.

"I've got five kids myself and Mindy has three more," Cindy said. "We can't take care of them on our Deja Vu checks alone. I already had to send little Ray-Ray to live with his dad, Larry Foote. Bless that man for taking in another child."

Said Mindy: "I haven't received child support for John Navarre Jr. in three years. What am I supposed to do now? If anyone has a way of contacting Johnny Cakes, please tell him his bastard child needs money."


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