Looks like it's time to update Bruce Bowen's Dirtiest Hits. We'd have to put this at #2 behind kicking Wally World in the face. And you'll be happy to know the foul was called on Chris Paul.

Our suggestion: The Hornets sign Kimbo Slice to a 10-day contract before the next game and have him jack Bowen in the face during tip-off. Any objections?

Note: We know the video quality is bad. Wait for the replay. How this isn't an automatic ejection is beyond us.

Note #2: Apparently, Paul got was coming to him after punching Bowen in the nuts. We still hate the Spurs and Bowen.

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Anonymous said...

The reason is that the reverse angle on the telecast shows that Paul hit Bowen in the family jewels, then flopped. Bowen made no contact with his knee.

Bowen may be dirty at times, but he wasn't this time.