That picture pretty much sums up Michigan's performance against Wisconsin today.

Did anyone else throw-up in their mouth watching the Wolverines chunk brick after brick? I mean even Tommy Amaker's Point-a-Minute Teams didn't pull off 34 in an entire game.

We're still in the honeymoon period with Beilein so we'll trash Tommy and say it's all his fault for recruiting players that can't shoot.

But as our final note for the 2006-07 Michigan basketball season, check out this key stat:

Michigan's field-goal PCT of 40.0% entering today (they shot half that vs. Wisco) was tied for 319th in the country out of 341 with Monmouth (7-24) and Ball State (6-24).

Wowsers in our trowsers. Let's just hope things turn around next year before little kids start bringing these signs back to games.

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