Need a break from the CBS commercials (the Outback Steakhouse song has been playing in our heads all day)?

Check out the best scenes from the 2006 classic, The Wicker Man, and pick your favorite Nick Cage gem:

A) "Step away from the bike!" - then riding off in the bike
B) "How'd it get burned?!?!?! How'd it get burned?!?!?!"
C) Jacking an old lady in the face
D) Jacking another woman in the face wearing a bear costume
E) "Not the bees!!!! Not the bees!!!!!! Ah!!!!!"

We gotta go with D.

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Chris said...

I love this movie. It might even be better than Nick Cage's haircut in the comic book thriller Ghost Rider.

that being said...D is clearly the winner here...I mean, I want to know what Cage's first reaction was when he read this script. Was it a nodding approval, or just confidently slamming down the script and saying, "Sold."

How bad does your life have to be when you're actually signing on to the premise of getting dressed up in the Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 and landing devastating blows to unsuspecting women???