OK, you've already read the story.

Let's start off with the fall from grace for this guy. After reaching the Sweet 16 in 2000, T.A. was on top of the world. Not only that. Everyone on the team came back, including Samuel Dalembert. And he also got the best recruit in the entire nation - Eddie Griffin. People were talking national championship in the Dirty Jerz.

Instead, Griffin jacked Ty Shine in the face during a game and the whole thing imploded. They didn't even make the Tourney.

Undeterred, Bill Martin hired him anyway. Of course, you know about his failures at UM.

Fast forward to his hiring at Hah-vuhd. Even we didn't think it could get any lower for Amaker. Taking an Ivy League job for a school that hadn't reached the postseason in over 60 years, which Coach K himself tried to talk you out of!

As we noted, Harvard was pummeled in their first game and despite beating Michigan, had an awful season even for Ivy League standards.

It's almost sad too. Amaker is a great guy. But this is what happens when you get to the end of your pathetic rope: Throw out the 5 Virtues ("Be Honest" - you hypocrite Amaker!!!!) and sell your soul to win, er, keep losing in this case.

I mean Sampson will get a new job next year no more than 3 weeks after the tournament. But who wants a guy that cheats and sucks at coaching? Our guess is he hides in the Duke athletic office for the next couple years or, even worse, goes Quin Snyder on us and hit the NBDL.

Seeing as all his former players ended up there, he could be a hot commodity....

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Anonymous said...

Your blog lost credibility at "Amaker is a great guy." who the fuck knows that? I have no reason to believe he's a great guy at all. In fact, I think he's a schmuck, a fake and a con-artist.