The Daily News just keeps 'em coming. In yesterday's issue, they broke down all 65 NCAA Tourney teams and had a fun fact accompany each one. Some were more fun than others.

Take this well-known tidbit for San Diego:

FUN FACT: Power forward Rob Jones, a 6-5, 230-pound freshman, turned down football offers from such traditional powers as Notre Dame, Miami and Oregon to pursue a basketball career. He is the grandson of Jim Jones, the leader of the Jonestown jungle compound where more than 900 people were killed in 1978 in a mass murder/suicide.

That has to be the first time "Jonestown" and "fun" have ever been linked together. Maybe it's us, but we think "Morbid Fact" would have worked better there.

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Mitchell Blatt, Juiced Sports Blog.com said...

What are you talking about? Kool-Aid is always fun.