It's finally here: Big Ten Media Day. Somewhere inside Chicago's Hyatt Regency hundreds of reporters are wiping the dust of their recorders to hear Lloyd Carr babble about Teddy Roosevelt. It's finally time to break down Big Blue.

2006 Record: 11-2 (7-1 Big Ten)
Projected 2007 Finish: 1st
Returning Starters: 12
Head Coach: Lloyd Carr
Best Player: RB Mike Hart

5 Reasons for Optimism:
- We had a special offense in 2000 - this is even better
- This senior class has to beat Ohio State once - don't they????
- Forget the Heisman, no one is more valuable to his team than Mike Hart
- NO ONE can stop Mario Manningham except our band
- 'D' lacks experience, but certainly not talent (i.e. Graham, Crable, Warren)

5 Reasons for Pessimism:
- Is the new and improved Lloyd Carr still taking his viagra?
- Entering Big Ten play undefeated again seems too good to be true
- Losing Alan Branch felt like getting kicked in the balls
- Law, Woodson, Jackson, Hall... Sears & Trent? Corners are a disaster
- Is Bryan Wright the next Garrett Rivas or the next Phil Brabbs?

Michigan's offense will absolutely tear through teams just like Henson, A-Train & Terrell did in 2000. Defense is the huge question mark after losing Branch, Woodley, Hall and the always-underappreciated David Harris. The run 'D' won't be tops in the nation like last year, but with likes of Brandon Graham and Shawn Crable up front, it should suffice. Wolverine fans are already having nightmares about the secondary, with Johnny Sears and Morgan Trent getting burnt to a crisp in our dreams. Needless to say, stud frosh Donovan Warren will have to be the next Marlin Jackson if the secondary is going to have any hope. With just one glaring weakness, we're going balls out and predicting Big Blue will face USC in New Orleans, even though the Michigan fan in us keeps saying we'll find a way to blow it somehow. We hope we're wrong.

Is 2-5 against Tressel too much to ask???

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