As fellow Michigan alums, we've resisted the opportunity to put the Sklar brothers on blast many, many times.

And we realize that ESPN's "Who's Now?" segment is a pinata for the blogosphere right now.

But we aren't just going to sit idly by while they dick ride our discontinued series, "Who's Not?" In a segment on yesterday's SportsCenter entitled "The Bracket", they unveiled the biggest losers (i.e. Steve Bartman) in NCAA Tournament-style fashion.

As The Dude pointed out, "Not quite the same as "Who's Not," but it sounds pretty dubious to me."

Sklar brothers be warned: Fool us once, shame on you... Fool us twice... well, you can't fool us again.

So we'll let this slide for now by simply pointing out their suspicious resemblance to the "before "photo of the Brad Pitt wanna-be twins from MTV's "I Want a Famous Face". And if there's another incident like this? We're coming at the Sklars with double bosacks.

P.S. What's with this?

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