The "Fratboy Missionaries" dream is officially over everyone. We got a letter from the guys who wrote "John Tucker Must Die" and they told us that they thought we were retarded and questioned whether we even had a rudimentary command of the English language.

So, we've given up on "Fratboy Missionaries." Since our ideas are stupid and not funny, we've decided to take a classic movie and add our own unique, real twist to it.

We're going to re-write "Scarface." BUT, it's going to be re-named "Scurrrface."

Interesting, right?

Here's the thing. Southern rap is hot right now. Rappers love "Scarface." Chingy had a huge hit with "Right Thurrr" and Nelly had a monster banger with "Hot in Herrre." There's no way that this movie isn't going to be a hit. The movie is going to take place in present-day Atlanta and the dialogue is going to be exactly the same as the original, but the pronunciation is just going to be different.

A sample line of dialogue: "Hey Tony! Don't go ovurrr thurrr! Come ovurrr herrre!"

Wurrr currently in the process of re-writes. Lil John, Chingy, and Nelly urrrr coming in furrr auditions next week. Hell, Pacino might even show up to play Tony Montana again. Oh, and the guy who wurrrrs the mask in the St. Lunatics is alruuuudy committed to playing Manny Riberrrrra.


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