What started out as a night to recognize hip-hop, The Source Awards have just turned into a place for rappers to act a fool.

If you don't recall these incidents, check out Snoop's "The East Coast Don't Love Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?!?!?!" rant in 1995 (below) and DJ Quik getting pummeled in 2000.

Well, this is the side of the ESPY Awards ESPN doesn't want you to see.

OK, maybe that's a little over dramatic for a brawl outside an ESPY afterparty. But we sure would love seeing Gary Sheffield pulling a Snoop on stage and Carmelo Anthony cold-cocking someone on the red carpet next year.

By the way, we love how Nate Dogg refers to Suge as "Mr. Knight". What a pussy.

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