We don't normally do this, but we're going to empty our mailbag on Tim Donaghy, that includes some harsh words for the scandalous ex-referee (except for the individual that wanted to "rub one out" under his desk thinking of Donaghy - Dick Bavetta, is that you?)

Needless to say, none of these stories can be verified and are just hearsay. But if even half of these comments are accurate, Donaghy is even more messed up than we thought:

"I was a member at Radley Run, a neighbor and friend of Tim's. He's f***ing nuts. He was suspended and kicked out of the club for the incidents mentioned in the article. When the story broke, i knew it had to be him."
- Anonymous

"If you grew up with Tim and knew him well this comes as no surprise. He was the neighborhood bully and trouble maker. In truth, he was a born sociopath. His parents and brothers were all great people and could not have been nicer. My heart goes out to them and I only hope that no one lays blame at their feet." - Anonymous

"Timmy Donaghy has always been crazy. How he got into the NBA in the first place is the issue. Here's his resume. Caught having someone take his SATS, stalked and threatened to kill a member at Llanerch Country Club for four months while he was caddying there in 1994 and go into NBA right after, moved to Goshen got into dispute with neighbors and hit golf balls into their siding, had physical altercation with mail man, moved to Radley Run had numerous altercations with members and his neighbors and was forced to move due to litigation. Having grown up with him he is nuts. It is a shame no one got him help before he disgraced himself and his family. His parents, brothers, wife and daughters are the real victims in the end. When the whole story comes up it is going to be black eye in the Phila/Delco area." - Anonymous

"I knew Tim and Kim when they lived in West Chester. She is just as nuts as he is. I wonder if she still has to ask permission to take the girls to McDonalds....they are the real victims. Poetic justice for Tim and Kim. They got what they deserve." - Anonymous

"Yeah, we knew Tim Donaghy. Sometimes we'd see him out at the club, where he'd be snorting coke off strippers' asses. The guy was always at the OTB down the street talking about this great handicapper named Chris at Los Alamitos. And then there was the time he was so bombed he offered to suck our dicks for $5. Yeah, you could say we saw this coming. And don't forget about his two little boys, Ray-Ray and Tito, who are the real victims here." - The Realests

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