Love is in the air for several former Michigan football players, as Leon Hall and Ron Bellamy have both been married in recent weeks. Here are a couple pictures that belong in the scrapbook of any Michigan Man:

Leon Hall's Wedding:
Just as you'd expect from Leon, the affair was strictly class. We're no experts, but The Realests foresees these two going the distance. It's a damn shame they have to live in that shithole known as Cincinnati.

Ron Bellamy's Wedding: Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party! It's nice to see two-thirds of the Killer B's reunited (did Calvin Bell not get the invite?), but it's hard to take these Michigan receivers seriously when they are trying to look so hard. Seriously, who flicks off the camera and flashes hand signs at a wedding? Either way, congrats Ron!


Anonymous said...

I like you guys a lot but why do you have to post unflattering pictures of the guys you cheered for.

Bookmaker Bonuses said...

oh that is a very nice wedding and I want to wish the best for the new wife and husband in this new life stage, congratulations and I hope they are still married LOL