We were one of those guys that bought NCAA 2008 at midnight and played all night.

The changes from last year's game aren't really worth mentioning, but from the looks of the Michigan defense, it looks like Charles Drake is now a programmer for EA Sports.

Despite returning only 4 starters' from last year's team and losing Alan Branch, Lamarr Woodley, David Harris and Leon Hall, Big Blue's defense is still an A+ overall. And check out some of the bizarre player rankings, considering that Heisman hopeful Mike Hart is rated a 95:

- Brandon Graham, DL: 99
Apparently, they are just handing out 99s these days. Putting him in the same company as Darren McFadden, Graham was one of the top 2006 recruits in the country but had just 3 tackles last year. That's quite a jump.

- Brandent Englemon, CB: 93
Wait, we're talking about the Brandent Englemon that got the Pierre Woods treament last year? That Brandent Englemon???

- Chris Graham, LB: 92
He became a force down the stretch last year, but the guy still only has 73 tackles in his first three seasons. David Harris had 103 alone last year.

- Morgan Trent, CB: 89
Did anyone at EA Sports watch the Rose Bowl???

But hey, we're not complaining. Actually, by the sound of it, maybe we are...

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