It becomes clearer every day that our biggest gift is the ability to piss people off.

Somehow, our most recent Brent Petway post really rubbed people the wrong way. That became pretty clear when someone put up a post on MLive with the title "how dumb are these two clowns".

In response, another message board loser stated: "that state produces the lowest grade of people on earth. Those douches look like they are emulating John Gotti's grandkids." I don't know about you, but I don't think Varun looks that much like this guy - maybe it's just me (I have to admit, I do see a slight resemblance to myself...).

But that's not all. Check out the comments section of the Petway post:

"he made the second cut and looks like he is going to make the hawks u fags"

"The only thing real about you 2 is how extremely gay you both are. I wonder if there is any possible way you even know anything about sports."

No one comes at The Realests like that. No one. We are now in the process of tracking all four of these haters down. So far, our two primary suspects in the investigation are Realest punching bags Courtney Sims and Tommy Amaker.

We'll keep you posted.


david said...

honestley...you guys really do love the attention though right?

Anonymous said...

which one of u pitches and which one catches