A few reasons to hate the New Jersey Nets

I hate the NJ Nets...they are an infuriating franchise. Everyone fell in love with them a few years back when they made a couple of trips to the Finals and got the crap kicked out of them both times.

But let's remember a few things about them:

1. Jason Kidd is an asshole despite blowing kisses to his wife before every free throw.

In January of 2001, Jason Kidd was arrested when he “smacked” Joumana. According to the police report, Mrs. Kidd wanted to go to the gym and asked Jason to feed their son TJ. Jason took a French fry from TJ’s plate and was then reminded by Joumana not to eat TJ’s food because “there wasn’t very much”.

A multi-millionaire basketball player and not enough food to feed his son, but enough to send his woman to the gym. Okay….

Then, Kidd turns and spits a fry into Joumana’s face. While holding a container of yogurt in his hand, he strikes Joumana in the face. Again, that was according to the police report. Anyway, she runs into the bedroom, he kicks in the door… yadda yadda yadda. Now how one holds a container of yogurt while beating his wife and why it was relevant to the police report is beyond me.

"Don't worry about me," she said, "this is minor compared to what I usually go through."

Remember that quote when you see the repeated video clip of Jason saying that Bob Ryan should apologize.

So Jason was arrested but not prosecuted after he agreed to tolerate domestic violence and anger management counseling for six months and he paid a whopping $200 fine.

2. Richard Jefferson is a whiny little bitch. And his tattoo is incredibly stupid.

3. Who makes fun of someone for having a kidney disease?!?!

Mourning snapped in reaction to the frustration of the drills, the team's troubles on the court and the cavalier attitude he has perceived during the Nets' 5-6 start this season. Mourning stalked over to where the players were laughing and, in a profanity-laden diatribe, shouted in part: "This ain't funny. This is about winning."

Richard Jefferson, a third-year forward who was one of the players who were laughing, told Mourning that indeed it wasn't funny, it was "hilarious."

When Kenyon Martin, a fourth-year forward, jumped in by mocking Mourning's recent performance on the court and commenting that Mourning would not have to run if he would improve his rebounding, Mourning attacked Martin's leadership and toughness.

Mourning, who signed with the Nets this summer after kidney disease cost him all of last season and nearly the entire 2000-1 season, told Martin: "At least I'm out there on the court, not in the training room. I'm trying to make the best of my time."

"You can't be a leader in the trainer's room crying, `My ankle, my ankle,' " Mourning added, referring to the sprained ankle that sidelined Martin for five games. Martin responded by mocking Mourning, muttering, "My kidney, my kidney."

Mourning did not immediately react to that comment. But when the players separated into groups for the next part of practice, he suddenly charged toward Martin before being restrained by teammates as he yelled, using more profanity: "What did you say about my kidney? Don't talk about my kidney. I'll put you on your back."

Teammates halted Mourning and kept him and Martin from getting close enough to come to blows. Meanwhile, Coach Byron Scott, who had watched from the far side of the court as the altercation began, stepped in front of Martin and spoke calmly to him.

The practice then resumed with Mourning and Martin not speaking to each other. The Nets' vice president for public relations, Gary Sussman, said later that neither player would be available to reporters.

Now, I don't even like Alonzo Mourning, but I'll get his back on this one.

I guess what this whole things comes down to is the fact that the Pistons lost to the Nets last night...

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Steiny17 said...

I was gonna say, it sounds like you guys are just whining because the pistons lost last night