Zubino on 24

The Great Zubino

So folks, since this is my first real blog post , I thought there would be no better topic than 24. Here are some of my notes from the last episode and the whole season.

President Logan is a monster douche BUT the actor who plays him should win an award. Martha needs to stop being a little bitch; she definitely should have burnt to a crisp in the limo.

Edgar definitely does have feelings for Chloe. We’ve all sensed this shit since he first hit the scene.Maybe he’s been packing on the pounds because he’s been depressed about her rejecting him and boning that other guy who was a fake mole.

The plot in this season is the BEST in all of the seasons.

Lynn was totally being the biggest douche (bigger than Woodley for sure). He needed to be relieved of his job, but I really wanted to see Curtis pistol whip his ass.

Was the guy that tried to kill Bauer the same guy Nina said Jack turned on and turned in dirty agents in Season 1? Maybe.

Next weeks preview: KIM BAUER?!?! TONY ALMEIDA!?!?!? 2 HOURS?! I think my head just exploded.

I’ll be back next week like Jordan wearin’ the 45.

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