The Ultimate MICHIGAN Experience at the N.I.T.!!!!

With a loss to Purdue today, the Michigan basketball season is officially on its way down the toilet. Book your tickets NOW to New York for the NIT Final Four - any Michigan fan is welcome to stay at our place (the futon makes for a good night's sleep - everyone else bring your piss and shit resistant sleeping bags). We guarantee the ultimate MICHIGAN experience at MSG:

1) Constant chants of "Let's Go Mich-i-gan"
2) FULL popcorning - none of that "half jumping because I don't think the guy next to me is jumping and I don't want to look like an idiot" stuff
3) Finding Rudy T. and chanting "Rudy" throughout (we saw Rudy at a Knicks game about a month ago, so it is pretty much guaranteed he would be there), even though RT didn't graduate and supposedly would never be fired because of that
4) Convincing ourselves that we won't be that bad next year if we get a new coach and Lester comes back and "can finally stay healthy" because Sims is really progressing and Horton is overrated and a head case
5) Reminiscing about how sweet the Fab Five was, and how we should go back to just being gang bangers
6) Guessing how many minutes it will take Greg Oden to break Courtney Sims in half in our first meeting with OSU next year
7) Speculation about next year's football season, and how we are going to be totally sweet with the new coordinators and all those offensive weapons
8) And - MOST IMPORTANTLY - heading to "Off the Wagon" (a.k.a. the "Scorekeepers" of New York) after we win the nati!!!

"Dude, they're totally gonna hire Rudy T. even though he didn't graduate. I mean, what other choice do we have - Ramsey?!........ This is so fucking pathetic, I mean we're MICHIGAN!!!"

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