Sport's Biggest Pimp Championship

It has come down to this: Aaron Sele vs. Rex Grossman. Below is everything you need to make an informed decision....

Aaron Sele

"Sweet party.... whose kid is this....????"

Age: 35
Salary: $700,000
College: Washington State
2005 Stats: 6-12 W-L, 5.66 ERA
Career Highlight: Winning the 2002 World Series
Career Low: Nowadays every outing for Sele gets worse... so every time you see him, he is having the worst performance of his life
Best known for... : Confusing last name
Why Sele should win: Doesn't worry about baby-mama drama
Why Sele shouldn't win: Might not be as much a big partier as he is an alcoholic


Rex Grossman

"What is in these balloons, kid????!!!!"

Age: 25
Salary: $2.3 Million
College: Florida
2005 Stats: 59.7 Passer Rating, 259 YDS, 1 TD
Career Highlight: Beating Maryland in the 2002 Orange Bowl
Career Lowlight: Guilty of delay of game penalty and season-ending interception - in the same play
Best known for... : Season-ending injuries in the preseason
Why Grossman should win: He's doing whip-its!!!!
Why Grossman shouldn't win: For a pimp, he's around a lot of dudes.....

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