Putting Eddie Sutton on Blast

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The glorification of Eddie Sutton has gone too far. First, it was the constant "legendary coach" stories that ran at the Final Four two years ago. Recently, it was the sob stories about how this car accident might bring a sad end to a great coaching career.

Let us remind everyone that:

1) He had been drinking

2) OK State was successful because he was bringing in kids other programs either didn't want or threw out - JamesOn Curry, Tony Allen and Doug Gottlieb, to name a few. By the way, how many people here knew Gottlieb, now an analyst for ESPN, was thrown out of Notre Dame for stealing credit cards?... Oh, and let's not forget no-name Jason Keep. Here is what Sutton had to say about Keep last year in the Sunday Oklahoman: " (Keep) was a good guy, but he had a bad temper. He'd ocassionally get in a fight. He would take a swing at someone, especially after he had a few beers." That's nice.

3) Sutton was busted for one of the biggest scandals in NCAA history while at Kentucky. Among the violations, his son, Sean, took a college entrance exam for a player. Sean is OSU's head coach designate. Also, a recruit was sent $1,000 in an overnight delivery envelope (20 $50 bills through the mail, what is this - Blue Chips???)

Knowing all of this, the AP runs a story today about how the Big 12 coaching fraternity will miss Sutton, with a bunch of quotes from opposing coaches about how much he means. We don't blame the coaches (obviously they had to say something nice), we blame the AP for forcing them to regurgitate these words:

" "The one thing he always stood for was class," said Kansas coach Bill Self, who played at Oklahoma State and is one of Sutton's biggest admirers."

" "I've never coach against a better coach than Eddie Sutton," Sampson said. "I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

Does anyone have a problem with all of this???

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!

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