Greatest Michigan Daily Sports Article Ever

You will never see another women's tennis cover like this again. As J. Brady said, either the kid completely made up the quote, embellished it, or this girl is a complete idiot (and slut). Go Blue.

"Saturday was a miserable day for the women's tennis team.

Irked by boisterous South Carolina fans, No. 35 Michigan was downed 6-1 by the 24th-ranked Gamecocks. "

People kept yelling 'Cocks, cocks, cocks,' " Michigan senior Nina Yaftali said. "(It was) so loud, so crude. They should have just said big hen. My opponent would grunt it (along with the fans). It was just a cockfest. Do you think Michigan should change their mascot to shock teams? It's (not against the rules). It's just supporting the team. We yell 'Go Big Blue' and they say 'Go Big Cock'. See, it's the exact same ? The cock yelling was resonating throughout the tennis center. We got cockblocked." "

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