Say It Ain't So!

Now, maybe this is just the crazy 24 fan inside of me talking, but this article really made me scared. I know Keifer Sutherland has a great time playing Jack Bauer and in fact, we have proof that he has taken to pretending to be Jack Bauer in real life (fast forward about halfway to see the clip of Keifer breaking up an attempted mugging). As much as I enjoy Jack getting into his role, this article makes me think that maybe Keifer/Jack has gone a little too far. I mean, it's only TV, you're not actually dying for a cause. Or are you?

He says: "I'll be happy to die. In fact, it's important to the show that Jack eventually dies. And that he does so when you least expect it.

"I've always said that if there comes a point in the show where to kill Jack is what serves the show best, then so be it, and I think every actor who has been in the show feels the same way about their role."

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