So You're Saying There's A Chance...

Well, the movie has gotten both good and bad reviews. But The Realests haven't felt that we've had a really honest review...until now! You see, we've had our fair share of people telling us the story is awesome (Thanks Zubin and Brady) but there's a certain amount of bias in those statements. Now, someone who calls me ugly in 50% of our conversations has critiqued the movie, so we're pretty sure he's not going to pull any punches. To protect the identity of the critic we will refer to him only as Steiny. This is for his own protection.

Steiny: i read your whole script
chinchillas: well, that means you either hate it or love it
Steiny: nah
Steiny: neither
chinchillas: there is no in between!!!
Steiny: i think there were some very funny scenes
Steiny: and some really reaslly stupid scenes
Steiny: would i go see this movie?
Steiny: probably not
Steiny: would i rent this movie?
Steiny: definitely
chinchillas: awesome - thats going on the blog
Steiny: were the last two lines the best part?
Steiny: yes
chinchillas: hahahaha - awesome
Steiny: did i think it showed that the whole script was in fact a political satire?
Steiny: yes

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