"He Did It Again??? Haters No Like...."

We've always said that we have the unique ability to piss off anyone that comes anywhere near us. Well, we've done it again... Only a few hours after posting our script online, we've already provoked a very angry response. And, once again, we're incredibly proud of it. We've placed the reader's statements in block quotes and our responses directly below their statements.

Plain and simple you cant write. Hell you cant even capture the cliché's right.

Therein lies the dilemma - we aren't trying to capture cliches. Stop watching crap like Dodgeball and Starsky & Hutch and get back to us then. Respect the King.
From the portions of this script that I have read this is not your run of the mill frat house, they are having a mosh pit, what kind of self respecting frat holds a mosh pit.

We are committed to the fact that there is no such thing as a "self respecting frat." Respect the King.
So then Hunter proceeds to kick the *beep* out of Corey, now if this was a real movie they would be enemies plain and simple, none of this other *beep* Hunter would never just invite him to the frat.

Its okay to use swear words buddy. If we reject your comment its not because you used potty-mouth language, its because we think you're an idiot and we don't respect your garbage opinion. Respect the King.

Its near 2 in the A.M. so if this is poorly written I apologise, but your script does suck, write something decent and I know a few mediocre directors that I can pitch it to. But with that, I would not even wipe my ass with that trash.

We really do appreciate you staying up past your bed time to read our script. And we'll make sure to get the new draft to you as soon as possible boss. Respect the King.

Well, that's all we have to say. Again, if nothing else, this proves our unique talent to infuriate people.


zima said...

this movie is gonna make millions- this stuff is real and hilarious. haters no like

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Idiot! What a load of bull! How old are you anyway kid?