Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

The Gauntlet 2 is one of our favorite shows, but one of our favorite jackasses - Mike "The Miz" - has suddenly disappeared this season in an unprecented move of apparently turning down TnT, TJ Lavin, booze and sluts.

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So we started digging and found Mike's old wrestling bio for the "UPW".
Note two things about this page.

1) The Miz's official site seems to be down, which raises concern about the league's well-being

2) According to his interesting facts, The Miz "now speaks weekly to large college audiences where he recounts his experiences on Real World and applies them to problems faced by students in similar situations." Please begs the question: what situations did we face in college that are similar to that of the Real World?

Then, we got around to finding The Miz's column for the WWE. Great lead:

"Hey there, Mizifts. I was sitting at a packed Hooters the other day watching the Royal Rumble and it got me thinking – where do people go to watch WWE pay-per-views? Lately I’ve been going to Hooters because where else are you gonna get a beer, wings, and most of the time a hot Hooters waitress. Well, even if the waitress isn’t hot, you still gotta love the outfit. I once dated a girl from Hooters and made her wear that outfit one night, but that’s another story."

As always, you can check his own personal web site for updates. He is really pumped up about his new column and says "My dream is coming closer and closer."

As the media's watchdog, we have an obligation to track down The Miz. We are in the process of writing him an e-mail in order to do a Q&A for the blog. We will keep you posted.

Also, an update on Coral is coming soon.....

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