What Could Have Been....

A lot of people don't realize this, but I discovered Kanye West.

.... It was the summer of 2003 while I was interning at Def Jam, and Kanye had just finished the video for "Through the Wire". I literally sat in my boss' office and watched the video over and over and over. I knew Kanye was about to blow up, but his album wasn't coming out for another 6 months (as you can see, Def Jam is really bad about timing the videos with album releases).

But Joe Budden's album was coming out in weeks, and I went for the quick score. I signed up for Team Budden. By the time Joey released the video for "Fire", Def Jam scrambled to pull any and all support from the album. My boss Tish and I were finished - with Def Jam millions in the hole, Team Budden was thrown on the street. And all I got was a mesh hat with "Joe Budden" sprayed on it - which, by the way, has since been lost.

Currently, Joey is desparately trying to start beef with anyone, prompting a person on this particular message board to say Joey should suck not 1, but 2 dicks.

It's just crazy to think I could have been at the Grammy's last night, instead of staring at Woodley's butthole....

Hey Kev - great book. Can I write the sequel, ".... And Back to Intern"? Posted by Picasa

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