Hand In Your Bozacks??

Well, its time again for The Realests to break down our vocabulary for you, our loyal reader. A lot of times, you might read this site and come across the word "bozack" or some variation of that word. Well, a bozack is a gun plain and simple. For example, note the Jay-Z line - "Rap n****s on the Prozac, get the bozack, threw 4 at me I throw 4 back." Also, Jack Bauer uses his bozack to merck people during each episode of 24. Also, when The Realests do something sweet, we cross our arms and point them at the sky and pretend that we are firing our bozacks into the air (this move has been dubbed The Double Point Up Cross-Over Bozack Grind).

Now, that we've got that out of the way, we want you to know that the Philadelphia 76ers have started a Bozacks for Tickets promotion. Is this how Allen Iverson's crew gets into every home game?

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