Sport's Biggest Pimp: Final Four

The votes have been counted and we are down to four athletes left.

Rondell White was eliminated for getting hurt more than Ken Griffery, Jr (and leaving the Tigers). Orton's gone for being a whiney little bitch. Pedro's out because he is creepy. Dirk and Steve missed the cut because they deserve each other.

What remains: Big Ben vs. Aaron Sele and Matt Leinart vs. Rex Grossman. Keep the ballots coming............

Big Ben

"What does a World Champion have to do to get his dick sucked around here?"


Aaron Sele

"Sweet party.... whose kid is this....????"

Matt Leinart

"Oh shit, where am I?... Well, at least I lost that psycho blond chick..."


Rex Grossman

"What is in these balloons, kid????!!!!" Posted by Picasa

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zima said...

mann nash and dirks picture was priceless.