The script is currently under construction. We will keep you updated on our progress.....


Summiner said...

Your script sucks. Well no let me stop myself right there. Your script does not suck, your script is beyond sucking. That is the worst thing I have ever read in my life, I only got to the part where Hunter was offering Corey a place in the frat then I made myself stop before my brain imploded.

Plain and simple you cant write. Hell you cant even capture the cliché's right.

Take a class, buy a book, learn to write a movie script. Your movie has none of the essential parts needed in a movie script, and the dialog sucks. Why in hell would this frat boy Hunter who you described as *looks like he is straight out of an Abercrombie catalogue* and *He is wearing a name tag to act like a badass.* be in this frat house? If your trying to make this look like a real college you would not have some prep kid in this frat. From the portions of this script that I have read this is not your run of the mill frat house, they are having a mosh pit, what kind of self respecting frat holds a mosh pit.

So then Hunter proceeds to kick the *beep* out of Corey, now if this was a real movie they would be enemies plain and simple, none of this other *beep* Hunter would never just invite him to the frat. You ALWAYS want to avoid cliché's, unless your making a specific type of movie. The sad thing is that you TRY to capture cliché's but FAIL horribly, and I just pray you know what a cliché is.

Also stop plugging your script on IMDB, you said it was a dark comedy which was the only reason that I even looked at it.

Its near 2 in the A.M. so if this is poorly written I apologise, but your script does suck, write something decent and I know a few mediocre directors that I can pitch it to. But with that, I would not even wipe my ass with that trash.

zima said...

has summiner ever been laid? didnt think so. dickrider.

Summiner said...

Yes I have been laid, buy a main. So therefore yes I am a dickrider, dicksucker, dickwhatever else you want.

Anyway your lame attempts to report my comment sucked ass. You do still not address how bad your script is.

And the fucking *beep*'s were from IMDB and I forgot to remove them. So you can shut the fuck up.

Your mother is a dumb cum guzzing cunt, but you suck so much cock your whore of a mother comes to you for tips on how to suck some readom joe off.

Retort to this fuckwads.

Respect the King.

Summiner said...

Sad thing is before you plugged this shit on IMDB and before I posted you had NO comments at all.

Hell I would fuck your mother in the ass if you had any outside views!

Kudos if you have the balls to post this.

SPLASH! said...

I think the script is hilarious. summiner is a little narrow-minded or just maybe a complete idiot. The jokes are pretty fuckin funny. It seems more satirical and obviously purposely filled with cliches, which are very funny. I think its a script that mindless teenagers (a la the American Pie-type audience) as well as people who enjoy an extreme satire on college-life would love this. It's very collegehumor.com-ish... I don't know. Call me crazy but I was laughing throughout most of it.

Anonymous said...

You're crazy. The script is complete bollocks. I wish i hadn't read it, and would not wish this script (and the shite movie it would be) upon my worst enemy. You still haven't said how old you are, because you seem like a juvenile.

Anonymous said...

50 cent and B.I.G. my n*****.... the realests.. that script was real

Anonymous said...

The Script was shit. You're all idiots! I notice you've taken it off the top of your blog... What? Did you finally realise how crap and sad it is? Before posting it again, think about getting a BETTER STOYRLINE!