Bruce Madej in the NY Times!

Bruce Madej - nice guy, like him a lot. Definitely an SID nightmare to get a call from the New York Times to speak about hazing. He handled it pretty well:

Bruce Madej, an associate athletic director at the University of Michigan, said that colleges would have First Amendment issues if they tried to bar students from posting photographs or text on the Internet.

"There is no silver bullet to tell them what they can or can't do," he said. "You have to tell them they not only represent the university but their families. You have to tell them corporations look at those Web sites. Is it awkward? You bet."

Photographs of the Michigan men's lacrosse team's initiations in 2003 and 2004 — which showed players apparently drinking — were posted on badjocks.com yesterday. But Madej said that the coach, John Paul, took disciplinary action against some of the team members two years ago.

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By the way, speaking of embarassing internet photos, we love the hat Bruce!

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