Zubino on 24: Say It Ain't So

More to come from The Great Zubino tomorrow. He's in shock from tonight's events. You guys are lucky that he could even type this.

Like I said last week folks, my presence on the blog is going to drop horrifically so if this is my last post for the year, thank you to all my readers…

It was pretty rad that Bierko decided to use the last Nerve Gas canister to take over the ship, rather then using it as a final threat… Also, I haven’t liked Bierko as much as the other bad guys on 24, Bierko seems too overplayed, and too serious. I liked Habib Marwan from last season, and then Saunders, but Bierko is just an annoying douche that you can’ stop hatin’, like Woodley.

That one room looks so much similar to the Nuclear Reactor room in season 4, where the employees that died transmitted from, I popped in my DVD of that episode, and it looks identical - way for the producers to be cheap.

How is this officer that survived on the ship even old enough to be in the navy? He look like he looks like he’s a sophomore in high school, barely old enough to get a job, and Jack’s forcing him to shove a knife into the terrorist’s throat?!? Harsh for a first timer…

Logan’s really fucked himself over this time folks, not only did he kill the loveable David Palmer, Michelle Dessler, and Tony Almeida but now he’s gonna kill shit loads of people… but of course in Jack’s world, the missiles won’t even leave the ship.

Jack just redeemed himself from going soft on us when he took out the guy in the control room with the throat-cut, and forcing the guy into the burning hot steam. Realest of the Week goes to non-other than… Bauer. (Like I said in the last couple of reports, its evident that Bauer HAS been playing video games a lot lately. He totally smoked Bierko with the snapping of the neck, which is from Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade).

I’m glad that Jack smoked Henderson, he was getting on everyones nerves. Now there are only 2 more douches that need to be exterminated:

1. Miles
2. Logan

Has Jack gone insane?!?! From the sound of the phone call to Chloe, it seems like he will kill all the Secret Service, and then just make a bitch out of Logan… which would be a walk in the park for him.

Aw, what a nice gushy moment between Pierce and Martha. I still think Pierce should come back next season, he’s an amazing character and is the only person, along with mike to stay with Jack since Season 1.

The producers are really setting up the final hour to be the most exhilarating and insane show ever.

Chloe was MARRIED?!?! This is the biggest flip YET to the show. I bet Edgar would be pissed as hell… “But Chloe, why did you bring your exssssshusssband in?”

Whenever Logan calls Martha, “Marty”, I feel like he’s talking to Michael J. Fox in back to the future, kind of creepy. I KNEW that Martha was gonna pull the sex trick on Logan to make him delay. Ever since she lifted up her skirt and ripped her blouse to get that transcript of the call in the first couple episodes, I knew she had to pull a stunt like this.

(Note the time the first hour ended- 5 minutes early. The hour ended at 8:55. This ending is going to be sick)

Final Hour, Lets go:

So as we prepared to see Jack fly Marine One… I had wondered how much time it has taken Bauer to learn how to fly helicopters, pick any locks, pound fools, etc… pretty much anything that he does. I would think maybe 2-3 years... considering he DOESN’T sleep.

Jack giving Logan the silent treatment was baller. He’s tazering fools and taking control into his own hands as if he were God. How can Chloe say that if they don’t get a confession out of Logan, they will all go to jail, and then go to a commercial break?!? Sheer insanity. I’m going bonkers.

Jack going straight to the death threats with Logan is amazing. Jacks speech to Logan brought a tear to my eye. He has really been hit to the core, and he should smoke Logan right now…

With Jack going into solitary confinement… he has nothing to lose, there’s no telling what he’s going to do. Martha has to take a fucking step toward Bauer-ness now and force the confession out him. She needs to stop up like Lindsey Hunter did versus the Cav’s in game 7. (Suck it, Jim)

I was expecting Jack Bauer to pop out of Palmers casket…. But that doesn’t look like its going to happen. Neither does Martha owning Logan… WHAT THE FUCK? LOGAN COMES IN AND SLAPS HER? He’s smarter than we all thought… but still a douche, none the less.

Good, Jack placed that bug on Logan. I am so happy, did you see that smile on Novick’s face? It was priceless. Bauer has surprised us all, and really over did it this time. But why isn’t he in solitary confinement when we meet up with him? They should have planed it as they release him when the President is under arrest.

Right when the Chinese guy told Bauer that Kim was calling, I shouted, “Bullshit”, and I was right. It just seems too sketchy that Kim would call right then and decide to befriend Jack… but who the hell is kidnapping Bauer?!

Buchanon and the new chick are going to hook up!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. It’s better than him and Chloe at least…I miss Edgar all of a sudden… he was one of the most loved characters on the show… and will be greatly missed.

Oh my god… the writers brought back the Chinese… this is insane... AND THEY END THE SEASON LIKE THAT!?!? “Kill me…”- did Jack Bauer say those word?!?! Was he beat to a bloody inch of his life? Jack looked like he was on the verge of death, and now they have him on a boat going to China? I am in shock… He’s saved so many people and now this happens… wow… The writers aren’t going to let him sleep anytime soon… How did the Chinese find out about him?!? I am going insane over this… Jack Bauer has one hell of a rough life…

I’m in too much of a shock to finish this the way I wanted to…

-The Great Zubino

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