As much as I hate the NBA and its over-the-hill players in particular, Sam Cassell and Antoine Walker really turned back the clock yesterday.

First, it was Walker. The only thing I can't stand more than the NBA is the New Jersey Nets. Therefore, for very twisted reasoning, I can't get enough of the Heat-Nets series.

Watching Antoine Walker hit five 3-pointers to doom New Jersey was like seeing 5 replays of Chad Henne fall on his ass at the end of the Wisconsin game: pure comedy. The only thing Cybertoine was missing was "The Shimmy"....

And then in the night cap, the second coming of the Sam Cassell "I Have Big Balls" Dance after hitting a 3-pointer to put the game out of reach. The IHBB Dance was only topped by TNT showing it in replay while the announcers laughed as if someone was holding a gun to their head.

I love this game...

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