The Realests at the Movies

As you all know from our script "Fratboy Missionaries", we have a keen sense for the big screen. But we've found this is a gift and a curse, as we block out entire movies after consuming a scene that just blows our minds. If you haven't noticed these, please go back and enjoy the smaller moments of cinema:

Bad Santa: When Billy Bob Thornton, the kid and the midget punch each other in the balls in a boxing ring, the midget falls over and literally rolls onto his head as if it's a dreidel.

The Da Vinci Code: While Bishop Aringarosa is waiting at the hide-away, we suddenly cut to Alfred Molina playing pool. Does it seem absurd to anyone else that bishops are playing bar games while awaiting word on the Holy Grail?

And also, after Leah Teabing knocks Silas to the ground, Sophie comes over and smashes his head into the floor like a savage. Did that seem out of character to anyone? Like, a little too "Planet of the Apes" style?

Planet of the Apes (remake): Speaking of Planet of the Apes, IMDB message boards can't figure out what Tim Burton was thinking with his ending. I'll tell you what he was thinking: APE-RAHAM LINCOLN!!! Genius.

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