Rasheed Claps at Moondog

You can cut the tension in our apartment with a knife leading up to Cavs-Pistons: Game 5. What started out as a good, clean, hard-fought series has now turned sour because of Rasheed Wallace.

Don't jump to conclusions: Cleveland fans like myself could care less about Rasheed's guarantee before Game 4, or saying afterward - "No way in hell are they going to beat us in this series."

It's what he said about our beloved mascot, Moondog, which sent shock waves through Northeast Ohio:

"Even the sun shines on a dog's ass."

And with that giant slap in Moondog's face, it's on. I have already e-mailed Moondog to notify him of the quote. Needless to say, this will be on the Cavs' bulletin board tonight in the Palace. We will keep you posted on Moondog's response ...

Moondog eats pieces of shit like Rasheed Wallace for breakfast...

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suj said...

Moondog eats pieces of shit for breakfast??!