Stop Hatin' on Da Bears' Draft

A lot of people have been ripping the Bears for failing to address any of the team's offensive needs via the draft. Just take this lead from an AP story about their selections:

"From the way the Chicago Bears conducted business in this weekend's NFL draft, it was difficult to tell their offense finished 29th overall in 2005."

That's definitely true, but take a look at the offensive players they've taken in the 1st Rd. over the past dozen years:

2005: Cedric Benson, RB, Texas, #4 Overall
2003: Rex Grossman, QB, Florida, #22 Overall
2001: David Terrell, WR, Michigan, #8 Overall
1999: Cade McNown, QB, UCLA, #12 Overall
1998: Curtis Enis, RB, Penn State, #5 Overall
1995: Rashaan Salaam, RB, Colorado, #21 Overall

Now tell me the GM made a bad move....

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