Craig "Ironhead" Heyward Passes Away

Sadly, "Ironhead" Heyward has passed away... although there is no story about his death, there is a release on Pitt's website with Dave Wannstedt speaking about his passing. An icon during his time, Ironhead's popularity exploded with his Zest bodywash commercials with classic lines such as "Hey Ironhead, what's with this thingy?!"

Even more depressing, according to Wikipedia, Ironhead had been living with a brain tumor since last year...

If you don't remember the commercial, here is a valiant effort to recreate it on YouTube:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me smile with your rendition of Craig's Commercial. Craig was a childhood friend of mine and I was able to see make history when we attended Passaic High School together. My brother and I are very sad about his death. The last time I saw him, he had only lost sight in one eye from the tumor. I will sorely miss him. I hope the City of Passaic does a grand tribute to Craig whose talent made Passaic a household name in the early 80's.