Summer Time TV

With "24" finished for the next 6 months, we turn our attention to our 2 other favorite shows on television: "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" & "Entourage".

While HBO has been mum about their show, MTV is rolling out the red carpet for the newest edition of the RW/RR Challenge, which will be known as "Fresh Meat". Basically, MTV went out and found the biggest RW/RR psycho fans that also want to become themselves by hooking up and making asses out of themselves. Obviously, this is another brilliant strategic move by the MTV brass.

We've been so rapped up in "24", we even missed a "Fresh Meat" preview that is running on MTV. Fortunately, this MTV Overdrive thing is worth them plugging after every single show, and here is a list of the cast.

Will someone step up and make us forget about The Miz? Doubtful...

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I believe the word is "segue"